1. r. de guzman, s. miller, clowes & ware
    daniel clowes
    a. buenaventura, d. clowes & c. ware
    alvin buenaventura & daniel clowes
    chris ware
    daniel clowes, chris ware & judy
    ken mcirish & rina ayuyang
    sophia foster-domino & roman muradov
    chris ware’s BUILDING STORIES preview

    daniel clowes and chris ware talk & signing at the OAKLAND MUSEUM OF CALIFORNIA on friday, july 27, 2012. it was a fun nite with cartoonists rina ayuyang, sophia foster-domino, roman muradov & adrian tomine in attendance as well as CHANCE PRESS publisher jorder hurder. some cool giveaways too, like a BUILDING STORIES reverse preview courtesy of chris ware and PANTHEON BOOKS & LIKE A VELVET GLOVE CAST IN IRON MISTER JONES pins from alvin buenaventura & made by niem tran of BUTTONEERS. photos by chris anthony diaz & colored by graham willcox

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