1. steven weissman’s favorite clowes splash page & gouache cover
    the always dapper cartoonist steven weissman at the daniel clowes exhibit
    steven & charles weissman
    the weissman family & friends
    steven weissman signs my copy of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA
    steven’s newest release BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA & steven’s sketchbook
    steven poses as the central character in the clowes cover
    profile of steven posing as the character in the clowes cover

    steven weissman’s latest book BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is awesome, and you will love it once you’ve read it! i got a chance to hang with steven and his family and friends on sunday at the OAKLAND MUSEUM OF CALIFORNIA. steven was also the second saturday cartoonist at the CHARLES M. SCHULZ MUSEUM the previous saturday afternoon. photos by chris anthony diaz & colored by graham willcox

    links to steven’s work:





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    So sad I didn’t get to see this exhibit!
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