1. have you ever seen a better combo than actor william katt and cartoonist/filmmaker paul hornschemeier’s portrait of katt as THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO? i’m stoked i captured this moment and just as stoked to share with you all! BIG WOW! COMICFEST, sunday, may 17, 2014, SAN JOSE CONVENTION CENTER. photos by chris anthony diaz

    by the way, have a look at paul’s KICKSTARTER for GIANT SLOTH, his upcoming animated short with paul giamatti as the lead voice actor, which has 14 days left as of tonight. it’s a worthwhile endeavor to support and get some nice rewards at every pledge level:


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    Was just talking about this show with a dear friend.
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    This is easily one of the best moments of my career. Not so much for the signature, or the photo-op, but for the bigger...
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